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The future of the Chinese course of study that pack is how _ news center
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The enterprise of China that pack also shifts eye to the whole nation and even abroad from this locality in succession. A few coastal enterprises that pack had begun to carry out development the plan western. Still a few pack an enterprise to rising abruptly quickly, form big group and wholesale company gradually, some has been nodded in countrywide cloth.
To education and talent long for intense with each passing day. The development of market of the development of the increasingly sophisticated technology that pack, whole world and the driving competition of the industry that pack, promote the development of enterprise of the education that pack, the appeal packs the development of manpower resource.
Be in the United States, more than 10 universities start the educational plan that awards the major that pack bachelor's degree in the round. Mixiegen state university is the first university that offer the course that pack and awards bachelor's degree. It innovates in this domain already 50 years, started the educational plan that awards the doctor's degree that pack again at present. Be in China, the enterprise of the education that pack of all sorts of administrative levels develops flourishingly, already many 20 university offers the major that pack now, can award bachelor's degree, developed large quantities of person with abilities that pack for home not only, still attracted the student of circumjacent country. Can say, no matter still be in China other country, the society is very great to packing the demand of professional.
Ask major bales is advisability to lift. In abroad an enterprise produces some kind of product, when its crop cannot be achieved sufficient and reasonable the investment that uses existing equipment and relevant installation, the complexity that more consideration packs, various working procedure that pack and when carrying the element that pack and packs 2 times, clever operator often its product pack those who entrust major to pack an enterprise to finish. This kind of abroad's common practice should cause the attention of domestic company.
Need the packing data with qualitative actor low price. This is another very serious problem in will packing development direction henceforth. What we need is quality more the packing stuff with actor, lower price. Plastic put forward to understand for us in a lot of respects definitely plan, plastic perhaps beer bottle is the packing product that the next brings gigantic revolution. Right " white is polluted " processing, we are searching various substitute at present, arrive from plant straw pulp moulding, degradation is plastic, everything is fumbling and in the experiment.
The equipment that pack still is in forestall in, look from the whole world, package facility at present " 4 tycoons " -- Germany, United States, Italy, Japan continues hold the market. The equipment henceforth and automation line will from in the past it is dominant to change direction to be dominant with electronic control with rigid control. Chinese high-grade is large product line is given priority to with introducing all the time. In last few years production standard of the domestic equipment that pack had very big rise, but still need to give great effort. (news source: China mechanically-laid web)
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