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Homebred sunken imprint the market of equipment is had rate show center of news
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Current, of our country sunken imprint equipment manufacturer is numerous, the homebred rate of equipment already very tall, among them camphor tree of Shaanxi north person, Shan is light industrial with Zhongshan the enterprise such as Song De had had very big scale of production, manufacturing technology and technology are in domestic banner level. Of homebred equipment presswork the requirement that the index such as speed and quality can reach an user basically also, homebred sunken imprint the market of equipment is had lead the trend that also shows year after year to rise.
Investigation data shows, have 60 % above about presswork miller should be used homebred sunken imprint machine, the company that still has 10 % left and right sides uses homebred equipment and entrance device at the same time.
Gravure because its peculiar craft, in bear imprint layer of the Chinese ink on content is thick, move Chinese ink amount is large, suit to be in particularly plastic those who wait for material bear imprint undertake pressworking on content. At present of home a lot of sunken imprint machine in plastic bag bagging / the box pressworks the domain received wide application, investigation data makes clear what have 66.7 % about to presswork of the enterprise sunken imprint engine is main be engaged in plastic bag bagging / of the box presswork.

Next, smoke wine is packed also is sunken those who imprint is main presswork domain, the user that home has 26 % about will be sunken imprint machine application is wrapped in smoke / wine bag pressworks domain. Smoke wine industry relatively the province that develop, smoke is wrapped / what wine wraps is sunken imprint also relatively develop. For instance Yunnan province has many about 50 6 ~ 8 kinds sunken imprint product line, these are sunken imprint product line is in almost presswork for each big nicotian company smoke is wrapped / wine bag.

Home is soft imprint the manufacturing company measure of machine these year grow somewhat, technical level also rises somewhat, but and sunken imprint equipment photograph is compared, its year of productivity is inferior, return the requirement that cannot satisfy home market. The entrance is soft imprint machine the proportion that comparative is had in home, have 44 % about presswork the proprietor of an enterprise should use an entrance soft imprint equipment, have an in part presswork the enterprise uses card of home made product entirely soft imprint equipment. Large and medium-sized of above presswork the enterprise uses entrance device mostly, most and small-sized civilian battalion enterprise is used homebred soft imprint equipment. Soft edition pressworks to agree not completely in home and Euramerican main application domain, be in the United States, the corrugated box that has 95 % above is to use soft imprint machine black-and-white, and home has about 1/5 only.
Soft edition of home pressworks basically is to apply at doing glue brand label to presswork to go up, investigation data shows, about 50 % presswork the soft edition printing machine of the enterprise basically is used at doing glue brand and label to presswork.
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