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Package machine innovation comes from center of news of control system _
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One is abounded and advanced automation product system packs place of technical equipment company to use for Hensen, make a the modernest beverage package machine.
Be located in Germany not the Hensen of Lai plum city packs technical equipment finite liability company (HPC) , in the experience that makes advanced package machine domain already had 25 years. What it uses what by automation of Luoke Wei Er compositive system compose builds is advanced and the control system that operates easily makes package machine design obtained lasting innovation capability.
Package machine calls automata
The stuff that HPC company makes because of its and sealed wait for machinery and become famous world, its product includes a series of standard machine and special type machinery, can satisfy diverse market demand and application. HPC company is the professional production manufacturer that offers the stuff that is used at vertical carton, soft bag and sealed machine, corresponding domain is in its product place to wrap bagging to transfer to the fast consumable that updates ceaselessly from what can repeat fill. HPC company also has carton treatment, mechanical matched stack at the same time, have the engineering capability of product line of whole system that pack. The use function of Hensen machinery can be adjusted neatly, and this model equipment is safeguarded easily, still can hold stable property when high speed runs, and can change the sort of the product and model quickly.
The client of HPC is the manufacturer of the fast consumable such as beverage of the production, such as that pack more, they face intense market competition, because this needs ceaseless development,new product draws the attention of consumer. Be in Germany, vertical carton and soft bag are used as the packing that can repeat fill basically, but in North America and far east, but again heal vertical soft bag is beverage of such as the sources of energy, motion at present, wash clothes fluid and individual nurse the liquid such as fluid basically packs a form. Use at the soft bag of this kind of vertical of athletic beverage outer packing, because its exterior has the curve of soft beauty and the modular grain that facilitating hand grasps, make its appear very marked on goods shelves, the thirsty people after moving also can more convenient smooth drinkable beverage. High-speed is mixed today full automatic the package machine that turn needs to have the modernest hardware and software control system, system of this kind of control includes accurate motion to control system, convenient the logistic control system with use man-machine interface and powerful function.
Choose compositive vendor
Spread all over global supplier as a client, HPC needs the automation equipment with a favorable movement to produce manufacturer to be offerred for its top-ranking, the technical support that covers global range and component are supplied. The expert that HPC also hopes at the same time and makes a contribution somewhat in high-end automation domain cooperates, knowledge of major of have the aid of and rich experience will develop the advanced control system of new generation package machine.
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