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The current situation of the weighing apparatus such as Chinese combination bala
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World economic integration is the inevitable tendency that this century economy grows, it makes the interdependent sex between country and country increases gradually. Any countries are the one part of international economic system. Accordingly, the industrial structure between each country must be coordinated with international economy, postpone native industrial construction to modernization hard otherwise.
The weighing apparatus industry of our country is a traditional industry that has long evolution history and essential fundamental industry. Old since, it is with machinery weighing apparatus is given priority to. 80 time begin 20 centuries the use that enlarges pair of electron weighing apparatus and the development to large and automatic weighing apparatus, dan Jizhi can change photograph of congener product of degree and abroad to compare, have certain difference. The low technology content of the product is China infiltrates the obstacle of the international market, make China acquires international interest hard. Of alive bound economic integration today, china already no longer can with " tall custom duty " camp protects domestic industry, make over through international technology only, the capital flow between international technology communication, international, talent flow comes to enterprise of weighing apparatus of equipment our country, promote the product with this to modernization, push to the international market. The propulsion of this one modern course, be reached technical progress and international trade even by structure of social demand structure, consumptive trend, consumption restrict.
Social demand and the change that consume the tendency also are brought while our country takes market economy from planned economy. For example, 20 centuries since 90 time, the sale form of current domain produced our country economy to change, bulk, sell a form without what pack progressively already by " pack beforehand article " be replaced, "Pack beforehand article " with its when convenient, neat, province, diversification and those who pack is gorgeous the favour that gains numerous customer, the growth as demand of this one market and the change that consume the tendency, weight detects the weighing apparatus such as machine serves as pack article online metrical modern metric method, more and more get the attention of business circles personage and metric branch. This kind of automatic weighing apparatus adjusts with its hi-tech content and particular automatic feedback function, send in food, pharmacy, careful chemical industry, content shedding match the industry such as the center to receive wide application.
Mention pack article little not " weighing apparatus of automatic feed a machine " , it is worth the solid stock of all sorts of bulk depart to become the load of mutual independence by set. Traditional " weighing apparatus of automatic feed a machine " only a metage is fought, however, of the addition as the breed that pack, speed that pack accelerate and pack accuracy rise, sheet fights metage to already can satisfy the need of the market no longer, because this is in 20 centuries evening, appeared diversity, intelligence changes " weighing apparatus of automatic feed a machine " , r61 international proposal calls it " assorted balance " . This kind of weighing apparatus uses many bottles (but 8~20 is fought) at the same time metage, use computer differentiate next, what metage fights combination to approximate set cost most. This kind of weighing apparatus, before is entrance product entirely, because the price is high, block up the wide application of computer combination balance and gain ground. Restrain package machine limited company with Zhongshan power clique now (Http:// Weighpack.21food.cn) the homebred combination balance that head makes a group, the after service of the function that stabilizes with its, sincere letter, more the price of terminal of food of home of press close to, already won the favour of much food manufacturer and praise highly. Weipake sets a level especially god-given is in technical respect on class, the assorted balance of country of at one's convenience comes out to be mixed international is advanced the level conforms, this lets be regarded as originally " aristocratic product " computer combination balance lists the patent that becomes big company no longer, domestic more seeks high rate, efficient company, fall into disuse to allow a cup of type or the ration that wait for cost to expect cost is artificial artificially completely to say to pack product line again before in succession, with degree of high-tech, automation taller assorted balance ration says the heavy system that pack will arm oneself.
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