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Food and package machine industry encounter center of news of growing trouble _
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455 food that select connection according to counterpoise of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference and package machine enterprise investigate statistic to show, 2005 first half of the year, sales profit ratio of entire industry product is compared the corresponding period was reduced last year 0.35% ; Company loss range by last year 19.5% increase to 27.4% .
Raw material rises competition is intense company loss range by last year 19.73% 27.4% what increase to now, the reason has 2: Rise with raw material on one hand about; On the other hand, price war of trade of person of the same trade is very intense, make loss of a few companies is increased.
Although deficit range and deficit specified number are expanding, but why does entire industry still grow with 20% right-and-left speed? Because be in food machinery industry,this basically is, if starch machines vegetable of mechanical, fruit and nut,be machined and use equipment, legume integratedly to machine mechanical, butcher and carnivorous to taste treatment machinery of beverage of etc of mechanical, beer, aquatic product machines oil of vegetable of mechanical, edible to machine mechanical, cereal to grind make course of study wait, still grow with 20% above speed. Besides, if make bottle, make bag, bale, cultivate of container of paper container, plastic container, terrarium, metal, cement, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, person uses the package machine such as medicine year increase rate is between 20%~30% , drove whole industry to still develop with 20% right-and-left speed from this.
Food and entrance of package machine industry presented negative growth first half of the year 2005, and export increases substantially, adverse balance of trade of imports and exports is compared the corresponding period is greatly cut last year, by adverse balance of trade 900 million dollar reduces 300 million dollar. Because a few newer technologies of domestic are at present right,exporting equipment to increase substantially is southeast Asia, Russia, middle east and African market attraction are bigger, exit amount is accordingly larger and larger also. In last few years, food and amplitude of exit of package machine industry achieve 20% above, be like company of grand of Guangzhou express the idea, already began to make exit of line whole set 2004, how does Shan head make the same score food machinery plant, another name for Guangdong Province east head of machinery plant, Shan east the source is light industrial the business equipment such as company of package machine of Gang Jinrong of machinery plant limited company, Home Zhang exports scale to be in 60% above, chinese China couplet (Wen Zhou) cross 100 million yuan of sale every year, export sale to take an in part among them.
Milkings machinery industry gives now to slip
From this year economy runs a circumstance to look first half of the year, industry gross value of industrial output still meets food of predicting second half of the year and package machine grow with 20% right-and-left speed, but it is at the beginning of this year with 35% growth rate the milkings industry of swift and violent development has begun to give now slippery trend at present. This and industry of our country milkings are advanced a few years of swift and violent development, competition of manufacturer of each dairy produce is more intense about, certainly will affects the development of milkings treatment and package machine industry.
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