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Furnish of foreign beverage fill develops center of news of incline to _ fully
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Mechanical equipment respect is held in beverage fill, the production standard of the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and England is relative taller. These equipment show appear to develop tendency newly:
Same table equipment, the hot fill that can have a variety of drink such as tea beverage, coffee drink, fabaceous milk drink and fruit juice beverage is installed; All can undertake the fill of vitreous bottle and polyester bottle is installed.
High rate, high yield is measured
The fill outfit rate of machine of outfit of fill of carbonic acid beverage is top amount to 2000 canister / cent, german H&K company, SEN company, KRONES company, the fill outfit a powerful person of machine of its fill outfit achieves 165 respectively, 144, 178. The fill that is not machine of outfit of fill of carbonic acid beverage installs 50-100 of a powerful person first, fill outfit rate is top amount to 1500 canister / cent.
Technical content tall, dependability is strong
Of all fronts control a standard oneself efficiency of Gao Hequan line is tall. Online detect device and metric device form a complete set are complete, can detect automatically each parameter, metric and accurate. The product of new and high technology that market opportunity, report, gas, smooth, magnetism is an organic whole is ceaseless emerge in large numbers. (news source: China mechanically-laid web)