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Automation of the treatment that note model develops center of trend _ news into
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The personage inside course of study points out, plastic treatment business hopes the equipment that note model can improve productivity ceaselessly, the automation of the treatment that note model makes a kind of inevitable trend.
A kind of opinion thinks: Plastic treatment industry will be more in the future it is platform with industrial network, be like industrial aether net, the control package with increasing new application (sensor measures a technology, accurate drive component) , in order to help treatment business treatment more the product of high quality level.
Another kind of opinion points out: For the point of view that commands a technology from automation, use outstanding and reliable control to the system can be driven well and get used to this kind of trend. Additional as a result of always oh what machinery controls network function of the system is increasingly perfect, facilities of many plastic treatment, the centralized management of the manufacturing treatment data of whole even and plastic processing factory, quality monitoring data makes the development trend of automation of current model machine. (news source: China mechanically-laid web)