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Chinese food and reform of package machine industry and development reported 200
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Food of one our country and general situation of package machine trade
The market sold food of 2 our country and package machine profession 2005, economic benefits circumstance and economy run a characteristic
1. Food and demand of package machine market are in tend slow down
2. Food and forehead of package machine entrance already month by month tends negative growth, favorable balance of trade is increased increasingly.
3. Food and competition of low of package machine market are intense, profit space narrows in year after year.
4. Gap of financing of medium and small businesses is increased further.
5. Enterprise two capital, take up increase increasingly.
3 must do well the structural adjustment of enterprise oneself enhances actual strength of competition of domestic and international market
4 strong advantageous industries grow policy and environment
915 " of 5 " program and forecasted 2006
(one) in " the package machine that preferential development answers during 915 "
(2) in " the food of preferential development is mechanical during 915 "
(3) economy ran development to look into 2006 with forecast

Food of one our country and general situation of package machine trade
Food and package machine are a burgeoning industry, rise as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, to the requirement of food, again year after year increases, wholesome to the quality of food demand is stronger and stronger.
Our country food and package machine are formed as the industry seventies end, at the beginning of 80 time, through the development of 80 time, 90 time achieve high speed growth. Got used to industry of our country food and the demand of the industry that pack basically at present, make our country machinist trade one of 14 large trades, can say, was not packed without reforming and opening and of food machinery industry today.
These year come we have some of equipment to go up not only dimensions, and to full automatic change advancement, a few motion are complex, the product with technical high content is ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Be like 48000 bottles / the beer fill of the hour holds product line, do not contain gas beverage, product line of outfit of plastic bottle fill already achieved 36000 bottles / hour, asepsis cold fill installs product line to had come out, wide cut 2500mm, speed 180 meters / the product line of 7 corrugated fibreboard of cent, 180 thousand packets / the convenient cover product line of the class is stable already move, machine of the world's widest 6 meters of answer film is added stick receive machine but mosaic the compound film of 18 meters of fabric width produces equipment. 20 meters of plane blowing film that change way already consign user is used.
Industrial robot applies successfully on the line that pack already, double feel the chance that blow bottle, multilayer press facility in all, freeze-dry equipment and pulp moulding machinery impact international level of 90 time metaphase. Again a batch of major equipment put in an international market recently, the BOPP of 4.2 meters of fabric width that if Shan head far east turns equipment company gently,develops blows velar equipment to already developed a success at own in July 2002 development. The beverage fill of package machine company installs grand of Guangzhou express the idea mechanical already whole set exit.
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