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Demand of industry of package machine of world each country analyses _ news cent
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From eye antecedent condition looks, package machine demand of the whole world predicts will with annual the rate of 5.3% rises, amount to 29 billion dollar to 2005. The United States has the largest facility that pack to produce business, it is Japan next, business of other and main production still includes Germany, Italy and China. But to 2005, growth of production of the equipment that pack is the rapiddest is to be in developing country and area. The developed country will gain profit from inside exciting home demand, search place's proper manufacturer home in the developing country, have investment in food processing factory especially, supply package machine equipment.
Situation of demand of market of foreign package machine
Market of French package machine stabilizes growth with the rate of 4%-5% since 1998, it is Europe at present market of the 3rd old package machine. Industry of French package machine is main by medium or small the company composition that specializations highly. French market has a feature at present, be opposite namely agile, general the inflexible demand with automation is bigger and bigger. Entrance product of France is major come from an European Union, the product that comes from the United States and Japan also holds larger proportion. French package machine basically is exported to European Union country, at the same time the United States is one of markets of blame European Union with French main package machine.
Other Europe area
  of American Frost & says in the market research report of Sullivan, to 2007, the market total value of European package machine predicts will come by the growth of 4.6 billion dollar 2000 6.5 billion dollar, market potential is tremendous. The industry that the system that pack does not use on those traditions will become the new client of package machine market, become one of factors that exciting sale grows thereby. The scale that the company future that has had the facility that pack is updated or adds the product line that pack will rise, especially the demand of food, beverage and pharmacy line of business is most ardent.
This findings report still points out, purchased detached type only in the past the small-sized manufacturer of package machine also will understand gradually " integral type packs product line " advantage place, and the potential user that becomes this kinds of product, it is so in package machine market of future, of this kind of package machine have rate general to show ascendant trend. On the other hand, OEM manufacturer and ultimate consumer buy trend the operation simple and easy and the package machine with easy installation, especially current manufacturing industry cuts down the member of persons employed in great quantities, time limit asks to increase, the demand to simple and easy operating system will grow day and day. Accordingly, want to pack the market to acquire position in future, efficient client service and mechanical maintenance will be one of the most fundamental competition conditions.
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