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Homebred smoke bag is sunken imprint machine center of news of newest progress _
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One, a few radical point of views
Smoke includes craft of black-and-white first selection and type
Sunken imprinting is craft of first selection of smoke bag black-and-white:
Conformity of our country nicotian industry, brand is compressed will appear quickly " large quantities of little breed, quantities " pattern.
Quality is high and stability will be smoke bag black-and-white main demand, sunken imprint have incomparable advantage, and conformity is more complete, sunken imprint the advantage is clearer. Bag of smoke of 90 % above uses the United States gravure.
Web is sunken imprinting is first selection type, than sheet piece paper printing machine has taller efficiency, than sheet piece paper printing machine has the craft that suits more is combined and machine even the line (include sunken imprint offset print combines) . Reason is only piece of cigarette bag printing machine will be long-standing. Other craft and type situation will be very complex.
Environmental protection already made the mainest task
The demand that prevent bogus rises ceaselessly, but environmental protection more suffer take seriously. Comprehensive idea is: The whole life cycle that smoke includes includes production and use whole process. Can reclaim degradation material treatment will be paid close attention to continuously. Transferring paper is one of current heat. Printing ink of ability in swimming will become main target. Flexible package is sure more welcome.
Smoke bag is sunken imprint treatment facilities answers measure
Electronic axis drive becomes web sunken imprint new technical platform, it is sunken imprint one of 3 old crucial technologies with current aircraft (electronic axis drive, presswork) of platen of embossing of type of car, sleeve.
Fixed length drawing is compound change product line
Holographic drawing of velar fixed length, even the line wet and compound, connect a line or do not change even the line, can reduce percent defective to reduce cost significantly substantially.
Smoke bag is sunken imprint treatment facilities answers measure
Those who get used to printing ink of ability in swimming is sunken imprint the construction of system that offer Chinese ink and material of chamfer of structure, dry structure and efficiency, Chinese ink, material the improvement that wait, anticipate use quantity will increase weak mark to cut into parts cut facility.

2, make progress related home
Up to in July 2005, domestic electron axis is sunken imprint the electronic axis drive that machine installation amount has installed in area of our country mainland is sunken imprint machine in all 26 (cover) , among them, import 16 (cover) , 61 what hold sum total. 5 % ; Homebred equipment 10 (cover) , 38 what hold sum total. 5 % . In 26 electrons axis sunken imprint in machine, smoke includes printing machine 9, import 6 among them, homebred 3.
Fixed length drawing is wet and compound machine 4, import 3 among them, all connect a line with printing machine; Homebred 1, do not connect a line with printing machine.
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