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Food is packed expect with spacer of polyvinyl chloride cap and bead center of n
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Food is packed expect with spacer of polyvinyl chloride cap and bead this standard of content of theme of wholesome standard Hygienic Standard For Bottle Sheet And Granular materials Of Polyvinyl Chloride For Food Packaging 1 and suitable scope stipulated food is packed reach bead to expect sanitation asks with spacer of polyvinyl chloride cap. This standard is applied to pack with food it is main raw material with polyvinyl chloride colophony, the spacer of polyvinyl chloride cap that adds the auxiliary such as plasticizer, filler, vesicant to be machined (washerbed down the livestock) () of spacer of the following abbreviation, the spacer that can be used at the can such as lid of bottle of soda water, beer, yellow rice or millet wine, distill and conserve (must not contact oiliness fat kind food) ; This standard also applies to the bead material that produces this spacer. 2 cite content of monomer of chloric ethylene of the remain in colophony of pvc of standard GB 4615 measures food of calm method GB 4803 to pack with polyvinyl chloride colophony GB 5009.60 food packs wholesome standard to shape with polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene food packs the analytic method GB 9681 that tastes wholesome standard to shape with polyvinyl chloride taste rubber packing sheet of wholesome standard GB 9685. 3.2 auxiliary should accord with GB 9685 regulation. Index of 3.3 sense organs expects inorganic fetterses 3.3.1 grains foreign matter. 3.3.2 spacer surface is even, flawless. 3.3.3 immerse fluid (acid of distilled water, 4% second, 20% or 65% alcohol) colorless, as good as flavour of smelly, as good as, without precipitation. 3.4 manage change target 3.4.1 spacer manage changes index to should accord with a watch 1 requirement. Note: Food of full-dress tall alcohol should be accorded with detect 65% alcohol evaporate residual requirement; Other provision detects 20% alcohol evaporate residual. 3.4.2 arrange change index to should accord with a watch 2 requirements. Law of 4 check proved recipe 4.1 disposal of samples: Every kinds immerse fluid spacer sample not less than 20; Bead expects not less than 20g. 4.1.1 spacer: Can rectify a spacer that flake, by every square centimeter add immerse fluid 2mL computation; Cannot rectify a spacer that flake, take the part with spacer larger brim, cut its wide O.3? 0.5cm, long 1.5? 2.5cm, say to weigh, every gram adds 60mL to immerse fluid, at 30min of 60 ℃ heat preservation. 4.1.2 makings: Every gram adds 20mL to immerse fluid, at 30min of 60 ℃ heat preservation. Of wastage of potassium permanganate of wastage of 4.2 potassium permanganate determine the method presses GB 5009.60 the 3rd chapter is carried out. 4.3 evaporate residual evaporate residual by GB 5009.60 the 4th chapter is carried out, among them bead makings evaporates residual result counts computation with the residual gram in 100g bead makings. Heavy metal of 4.4 heavy metal presses GB 5009.60 the 5th chapter is carried out. Remain of monomer of 4.5 chloric ethylene measures quantity of remain of chloric ethylene monomer to be carried out by GB 4615. Add specification: This standard supervises department to put forward by sanitation of Ministry of Public Health. This standard is supervised by sanitation of Zhejiang province food examine sanitation of food of place, Shanghai is supervised examine food of sanitation and antiepideic station of place, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, light industry ministry ferments industrial science institute is in charge of drafting. This standard basically drafts person Chen Anmei, Gu Zhenhua, Luo Cong young tiger, Liu Cuiying, Zhang Weilan. This standard holds a technology in the palm to put in sanitation of food of buccal unit Ministry of Public Health 's charge to supervise by wholesome ministries and commissions examine a responsible explanation

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