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Experts remind that food additives aggravate ADHD
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ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or mild brain disorder syndrome, is a common child disorders. These children with normal or nearly normal intelligence, but learning, behavioral and emotional defects, ADHD symptoms mainly for lack of concentration, attention to short-term, excessive activity, emotional impulsiveness, generally poor academic performance, both at home and school is difficult to get along with people, daily life, parents and teachers often feel that there is no way. Hospital of Harbin, Heilongjiang ADHD Tourette ADHD treatment centers Song Zhuren experts have warned that food additives aggravate ADHD. Hospital of Harbin, Heilongjiang ADHD Tourette ADHD treatment center Songzhu Ren said, some parents find that children are very lively, especially in the play outside or to the guests, the more "Ren Laifeng" in the bed, jumping around on the sofa. In this case, some parents consider the child may be naughty, and some seek medical advice if their children have ADHD. Many doctors have experience, preschool children, naughty and difficult to distinguish between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But after school, the difference will become more apparent. Especially in the primary first and second grades, the ADHD children are often very difficult to learn, easy to cause the time when his poor parents attention. Many parents also noted that children eat certain foods, it will become very excited, it is difficult to sleep, especially eating chocolate, carbonated drinks or other sweets, the energetic, high spirits, and hopping about, looking extremely active . Most pediatricians believe that sugar and food additives make children's over-excitement, inability to concentrate. Similarly, eat human food and drink may also lead to excessive amount of aluminum. In addition, some parents teaching methods inappropriate, usually too spoiled child, but also easily lead to excessive self-centered children, causing disease and so on. For the diagnosis of ADHD, Tourette's children need medication under the strict guidance of doctors, the drug is the treatment of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Tourette very effective method. At the same time the importance of psychological treatment, which requires the close cooperation of parents and teachers. Must not be that ADHD is a medical problem alone, but only the child's symptoms to the doctor or drug to solve. As long as the "three-pronged approach", in children is a great hope of recovery. ADHD Hospital of Harbin in Heilongjiang ADHD Tourette patient treatment centers Song Zhuren reminded parents: do not know the reason, parents should not misuse treatment for children should be regular kids on the national hospital, the doctors determine the best treatment. So as not to delay the disease, leading to disease development. For the child's physical and mental health and mental health have a significant impact. Hospital of Harbin, Heilongjiang ADHD Tourette ADHD treatment center with the latest military research "into the new biological gene therapy" cures ADHD, tic disorder, mental retardation, learning difficulties, poor self-control, body twitching, blinking squeeze eyebrow, shrug twisted neck, impulse willful, shaking his head pouting, Hang Hang Woo, lead poisoning, 3 - 7 days effective, one or two treatments to cure, biological gene therapy to cure the country into a new long lasting tens of thousands of cases of ADHD, tic disorder, cerebral palsy patients, deep by patients and medical experts highly praised.