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Vegetable market of the scale supermarkets imported food food additives hot pe
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The very fact: Now, markets the Quejinshaoliang phenomena occur, and often found in newspapers, hoping Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of stewardship of one. Fan Qixiang (hereinafter referred to as the Fan): The scales on the trade market, the municipal government invested a lot of money every year, free of charge for the stall to provide "medical." In recent years, industrial and commercial departments have repeatedly found in the bazaars, there are a number of sell fruit, fish and pork at a stall, the use of cheating software, play tricks on the electronic scales. The black heart of this scale cheating during the exam will not Quejinshaoliang, when the inspection is passed, stall holders under the relevant key a few hands, electronic scales to enter the cheat state law enforcement officers see when they will stall electronic scale return to normal conditions. To prevent the black heart scales against the interests of consumers, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in the city community, employing 200 metering obligations of supervisors, a supervisor for each issued and to detect the weight scale, when grocery shopping anytime, anywhere, can test whether the standard electronic scale. Currently, the weather is getting cold and immediately enter the "bacon salted fish" season. Quality supervision and the business sector in strengthening supervision, also reminded the public to be vigilant to prevent the fishmonger butcher clever play on the scale, if it is found "shrink" phenomenon, in a timely manner to report to quality supervision and the business sector complaints. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to handle complaints telephone number is 12365; the business sector to handle complaints telephone number is 12365. Han Net User xby: What is your supermarket own-brand products, there is no specific test regularly? In addition, the supermarket with imported food area, all foreign words, and some do not understand, those products have quality guarantee? Fan: quality supervision department is responsible for the supervision of food production processes, business and circulation departments are responsible for food safety supervision. Production and sales in China of all food, according to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, should have a Chinese identity label. If no Chinese supermarket sales of food identified may be complaints to the local business sector. Miss Zhang: What if a factory manufacturing fake brand-name, but the quality is quite good, in which case how qualitative it? Fan: No matter how the product quality, as long as the make another fake address, fake another brand, that is, illegal activities, should be severely punished. Han Net User dcpw: What is your bulk of the supermarket deli quality, is how to manage it? Fan: Supermarket sales of food quality and safety, industrial and commercial departments, through the certificate and invoice, inspection, inspection, quality control checks, etc.. Wu: In the fine military road, individual shops selling duck duck neck, neck, and other stores selling duck neck, the color was too much weight, maybe it is to use waste oil processing. Fan: "Jingwu duck neck" is a famous snack food in Wuhan, quality supervision departments Jingwu duck neck attaches great importance to quality management, in order to standardize the management of Jingwu duck neck, duck neck has developed a relevant local standards. Duck neck different colors may be used for processing materials and food additives with different halogen. Quality Supervision Bureau will provide clues based on the consumer, must track down in the end. Meanwhile, the Quality Supervision Bureau will also strengthen the neck of the duck factory management, excess, or beyond the scope of prohibited use of food additives. West Ha Han Net User 123: food additives is very confusing ah, I have had a question: how to determine which additives are healthy? So many kinds of food, and an endless stream of new products, how to check? Fan: food additives is to improve food quality and color, smell, taste, and the need for the preservation and technology, into food chemicals or natural substances. In our country, has approved the use of food additives more than 20 categories of about 2,000 species of the scope and limits have strict standards, as long as required by the standard type, variety, range, use to add, is safe, will not cause harm to human body. Of the relevant standard is GB2760-2008 "standard use of food additives." Han Net User xby: food safety, how to make "rainy day" instead of "too late"? Fan: quality supervision department of food safety issues for early detection, early control, early disposal of the following regulatory measures: to increase food safety risk analysis and risk assessment, early warning and monitoring efforts, food expert committee set up to strengthen the food industry a variety of hidden rules research; the strengthening of routine inspections inspection, supervision and checking of targeted and special inspection carried out to further implement the main responsibility of enterprises of food safety, promote enterprise credit system. Super crack down on the range in food production, ultra-limited use of food additives and the use of food production and processing of non-food substances illegal and criminal acts, and increase efforts to crack down foods such as black and workshops. Strive for early detection of food safety hazards, the food safety problems in the bud. We welcome the community to actively participate in the food safety regulatory system to promptly report complaints of food safety issues, the formation of the whole community to pay attention, care, support for food safety supervision and a thick atmosphere.