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Sea area of Hu Lunbei Er hunts down one car " 3 without " additive agent for foo
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Report from our correspondent (front courtyard of Liu Yan of reporter of reporter Cui Wei) on July 10, the reporter understands from squadron of sea area suburb, the success 4 days ago hunts down this squadron policeman one car " 3 without " product additive.

Late on July 6 17 when 35 minutes, suburb squadron policeman overcomes stone in the tooth when patrolling near Lu Haitong police station, the tricycle that notices a license plate is unconscious E85168 did not open headlight when nightly travel, this car keep to the side accepts policeman signal examination. In the examination, the goods that the policeman discovers to this car place is pulled is built very closely, what enquire the driver is pulled is what goods, the driver says is additive agent for food, housing packs the paper that this car additive agent for food discovers when the policeman is checked to explain without any characters, without the factory name, card that do not have a factory, the white object inside box also explains without any characters. The policeman asks the driver shows the relevant formalities such as product certificate of conformity, the driver is not taken however give any formalities.

Policeman immediately and scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry are, classics is industrial and commercial execute the law personnel is maintained, this car additive agent for food is truly " 3 without " product.

Current, this batch of goods already were detained, the case is in further investigation cognizance.