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Bureau of Heilongjiang province qualitative inspect fulfils additive agent for f
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Recently, complete province pledges prison system is captured " two link " , solve " 4 problems " fulfil additive agent for food to put on record further administrative system. Two keys link: It is the manufacturing segment of additive agent for food, the key makes sure additive agent for food produces the basic productivity of the enterprise. Obtain manufacturing license only, the company that can assure product quality basically just allows birth. Do not allow birth of short of condition. The 2 use link that are additive agent for food, namely the manufacturing segment of food, main measure is to put on record management. The key that put on record is to solve 4 problems, the first, the additive agent for food that permits dosage more than is used in food; The 2nd, the additive that must not be used at this food is used in food; The 3rd, use the additive that does not have manufacturing licence; The 4th, use neither food, also not be the blame food raw material of additive agent for food, include Sudan the industrial chemicals such as Bai Kuai of red, condole. Additive agent for food is the Chongzhongzhi that food safety superintends is weighed from beginning to end, various qualitative inspect branch should be strengthened put on record management, ensure provision is safe.