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Sichuan is saved cling to in city strengthens conduct propaganda of knowledge of
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This year on June 1, the standard carries out sanitation of new GB2760-2007 additive agent for food formally, the mark is worn our country is in it is important that healthy respect strode safeguard consumer safety again one pace. Implement standard of new sanitation of additive agent for food to be carried out seriously, ensure public food is safe, cling to in city takes effective measures, cogent strengthen standard of new additive agent for food and use knowledge conduct propaganda.

The manufacturing company that is use additive agent for food of constituent whole town and small mill controller are unified undertake the standard grooms, through grooming, let food producer have sober knowledge to using additive correctly, also let food producer know use additive should supervise local door to declare to quality technology first put on record, also let food producer understand do sth without authorization uses blame edible additive at the same time, exceed set limit to to use additive agent for food or conceal the behavior such as use utility to will be punished by the severity of superintendency branch;

2 it is to combine the branch such as the health bureau to undertake conduct propaganda to broad consumer through TV column;

3 it is to organize worker of whole system cadre to undertake study to new standard, master the knowledge that understands this aspect. Adopt above measure, the understanding of producer of the person that increased to superintend further, food and broad consumer to knowledge of additive agent for food degree, normative production, use behavior, the life safety that ensured consumer is healthy.