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Yinchuan majority person " misunderstanding " additive agent for food
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Use by the standard without the harm

Standard 22 kinds of additive agent for food

Will rise on June 1, new castigatory " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " (the following abbreviation " standard " ) carry out formally. The standard set 22 kinds of use principles of 1812 kinds of additive agent for food and range, in order to ensures public food safety.

Monitor place check section according to Yinchuan city sanitation Han section chief introduces, new standard made clear of all kinds food to produce an enterprise to be in manufacturing process further how safe use additive, superintendency branch is right in be superintended daily of content of additive agent for food determine had standard basis. That is to say, at present consumer in the market in all food, can find corresponding spendable conveniently additive and use requirement.

So, how affirming knowledge and safety use additive agent for food? On June 2, the reporter visited relevant section.

"Without additive " food is spruce annul

In Yinchuan city new China red inn of general merchandise east, country fragrant 100 fill, new China a few large market such as general merchandise shopping centers, should ask about whether to know to new castigatory is carried out since June 1 " standard " when, in accepting 30 citizens that interview, 95% above express not to know. But mention additive agent for food, the consumer of 90% thinks, "The provision that contains additive is harmful to human body " .

Live in Yinchuan city to promote Ms. Yao that celebrates Ou Jiayuan village to say, the condole Bai Kuai that happens in recent years, Sudan is red wait for food safety incident, make she does not have what good impression to additive agent for food. Buy food to the supermarket at ordinary times, see the mark on food label has additive agent for food, choose and buy of her metropolis discretion. In interviewing, major customer and Ms. Yao have same point of view.

The reporter sees in bazaar, a lot of manufacturer make the provision of carry out, in the burden watch of outer packing, indicate only the name of some kind of additive agent for food, but contain measure body how to many have, did not tag.

The product that does not contain additive is favorred apparently. Country fragrant a 100 assistants that fill subterranean supermarket introduce, a kind of flour that a company of Heibei produces, because mark has " this tasting do not contain additive agent for food " , the sales volume prep above that is in this supermarket is other brand flour.

Most food cannot leave additive

"Consumer edible provides the food of use additive according to the country, human body health won't be endangered. " Huang Feng of deputy section chief of food of municipal sanitation supervisory place and school sanitation division says to the reporter.

Huang Feng says, a lot of food that we contact in daily life, contain additive agent for food. For example: Antioxidant was added in edible oil, benzoic acid and hill pear acid were added in soy. Should hear a reporter to say, manufacturer of a few production is tagged in provision package mount " do not contain any additive agent for food " when, huang Feng says, should tag do not accord with a country to concern code of the label that pack and standard.
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