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Safety of quality of commitment of company of food of Fujian a hunderd schools i
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A few days ago, bureau of inspect of ability of Fujian Province quality and Fujian Province center examine what hold product quality inspection to detect informal discussion, undertake to saving food company completely food safety grooms. The food of Fujian Province a hunderd schools such as limited company of delicate food of Hui Kang of source of blessing of river of silver-colored aigret of Fujian Dali, Xiamen, advance, Fujian, Zhangzhou produces an enterprise to gather in the country to machine food quality to supervise examine center (Fuzhou) , make commitment of food quality safety jointly, produce an enterprise to issue proposal to complete province food, consciousness of appeal food company is accepted supervise, father to involve food quality security.

The company of food of a hunderd schools that enlists proposal activity studied jointly " the special provision that the State Council manages about strengthening the product safety such as food to supervise " reach spirit of conference of work of Fujian Province quality, discuss the administrative measure that raises level of food quality safety further and technical step.

According to quality of bureau of inspect of ability of Fujian Province quality supervisory place concerns chief introduction, measure safe and special punish through product and food are being saved to pledge completely since August, fujian Province product and situation of food quality safety get further improvement, saved food quality completely up to now 2005 average percent of pass increased 10 above percent. Consciousness of company of production of food of Fujian a hunderd schools undertakes quality safety acceptance is mixed issue a proposal, show consciousness of company quality safety increases apparently. Branch of inspect of ability of complete province quality will strengthen food and product quality safety to superintend further, the weak point that is aimed at management of additive agent for food especially strengthens supervisory management, be at ease for common people safety consumption makes good safeguard service.
  origin: Website of total bureau of national qualitative check