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Government of Kunming city people produces quality quantity and food safety abou
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Each county (city) , division people government, municipal government each appoint, do, bureau, 3 development (go vacationing) the area is in charge of appoint meeting, show Gong Xincheng to be in charge of appoint meeting, area of Kunming airport economy is in charge of appoint meeting:

Fulfil to carry out " the special provision that the State Council manages about strengthening the product safety such as food to supervise " (the State Council makes the 503rd, the following abbreviation " special provision " ) , " the announcement that the State Council works about enhancing product quality and food security " (the country sends 〔 2007 〕 23, the following abbreviation " strengthen product quality to inform " ) reach quality of product of the whole nation, complete province and food safety the requirement of conference of videophone of special repair work, the outstanding issue that in the light of the our city current product quality and food safety aspect exist, municipal government decision comes since August 2007 2007 the end of the year, product quality and food safety are begun inside whole town limits special punish works. Via municipal government research, make this executive plan now.

One, guiding ideology and overall demand

(one) guiding ideology

With Deng Xiaoping theory is mixed " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, understand overall situation with developing view interconnected system scientificly, carry out in the round fulfil " special provision " , " strengthen product quality to inform " with the whole nation, complete province product quality is mixed food safety is special spirit of conference of repair work videophone, increase punish strength ceaselessly, firm catchs the job to fulfil, perfect working mechanism, aggrandizement superintends measure, exert oneself solves the outstanding problem of current product quality and existence of food safety aspect, boost the integral level that quality of our city product and food safety work in the round, build society of harmonious Kunming, stimulative economy for compose good rapid development provides safeguard basis.

(2) overall demand

The concentration that selects area of unit of product, stress, key through counterpoise punish, build machine into factory, production from products plan, raw material soundly, leave factory the industrial product whole process that sells after service superintends chain, build perfect from cultivate breed, the food whole process that manufacturing treatment, current sale consumes to meal superintends chain, build product quality and the date from system with safe provision and responsibility to find out a system, build the product quality that covers whole society to superintend a network, enhance quality of our city product and food security to a new standard.

2, punish key and working target

The outstanding issue that around current product quality and food safety the respect exists, make fine agriculture products, treatment the special punish of 8 respects such as the product with product of consumption of quality of product of food, current domain and food safety, meal, medicines and chemical reagents, pork, imports and exports and relation person safe health, highlight area of unit of key product, stress, key.
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