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Food checks group of perambulatory Shandong: Cutout of lofty of fat island of ┎
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Deep fall red-letter day, face of autumn wind stroke, as the sun in rising an air, sending out blast a warm meaning. But here however one big early " combative " , come from countrywide each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government to attend countrywide product quality and food safety special punish the delegate of conference of the 2nd spot, in Wu Yi of Vice Prime Minister of Chinese the State Council personally below assume leadership, "Brandish division " 11 " main forces " hurry off to produce to produce each district of big province Shandong, circumstance of special to produce punish and pork safety punish and " 3 small " (small mill, small shop, chophouse) etc undertake be checkinged on the spot.

Inspection team supervises Shao Ming of secretary of management board leading Party group, director the 8th group to stand with medicines and chemical reagents of Chinese state provision for the group leader, basically be opposite two ground have this world of the rubber administrative division of Qingdao city, city examination. Although go all the way,be hazy weather, do not have however in brain of the member that can comprise in the examination " ambiguous " this term, it is absolutely sand does not knead in the eye advocate.

The examination works not only look " face "

In the impression of average person, "Check " the first pace often is to sit in the office to hear a report; And this the examination is done not have completely however " hear a report " concept, however direct " kill run quickly " spot of enterprise, shop. Arrived the spot, group member people the discrepancy archives that the nature that should look above all is company raw material, product: Raw material, facilities comes from where, purchase date, buy amount, certificate of conformity... how is the product machined, how to sell, how to prevent and cure plant diseases and insect pests... every reach one point is such, not tire of its are irritated.

But, inspection team can not watch what material dismisses solely. Reached an industry, what archives arranges is very good, group member people slant should fall to look in the workshop; Arrived cafeteria, what the desk and chair clears away is clean, group member people slant should arrive in the kitchen " look around look around " . Until see " face " as consistent as interior, everybody the inclination of ability satisfaction: "Really very clean " !

White unlined long gown and high-tech

In the examination, "Without social effects of pollution " word everywhere is visible, frisky piscine shrimp lets a person look at with respect to the feeling appetite soars. Just, as if to want to do a very troubled business -- change a shoe to cover. No matter be,detect room, the shoe is covered had become indispensable tool it seems that. See only inside white unlined long gown is waved along with wind, let a person have kind of place oneself unexpectedly at the institute or the illusion of the hospital, nevertheless here does not have a hospital however that smoky flavor, it is a kind of light alimental faint scent instead, it is inviting very.
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