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Guangzhou is announced the product such as provision of the 3rd quarter is simpl
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In new Guangdong net on October 30 report (Tang Guijiang Zun Yihong) bureau of Guangzhou city qualitative inspect is announced formally today this year the result of product quality sampling observation such as provision of the 3rd quarter, result indication rice, biscuit, bloat the major product percent of pass such as bacon goods, candied, beverage is 100% , the product percent of pass such as only aquatic product, confiture still on the low side, appeal the citizen buys relevant product to want to notice QS indicates.

According to introducing, the product quality such as the provision with safe to involving property of human body health, person branch of bureau of qualitative inspect of this quarter place, electric home appliances

In food domain, 2007 the 3rd quarter, bureau of city qualitative inspect selectives examination in all food and additive agent for food 1774 batch, certificate of proof 1653 batch, batch percent of pass 93.2% ; Eliminate pure label is unqualified, product objective quality is eligible 1703 batch, objective quality percent of pass 96% . Food total constitution measures a level to grow somewhat than the 2nd quarter.

In branch of local qualitative inspect the sampling observation result of 7-8 month is medium this year, wheat flour, rice, biscuit, bloat percent of pass is the objective quality that bacon goods, candied, beverage, honey and Peng turn 27 kinds of products such as food 100% , treatment of Dan Mi give a farewell dinner, aquatic product tastes the on the low side of percent of pass that waits for a product with edible vegetable oil. Among them, aquatic product treatment tastes percent of pass for 66.7% ; Confiture product percent of pass is 70.6% .

In domain of other product quality, the electric home appliances

Branch of simple superintendency truth expresses, supervise in the light of product quality selective examination unacceptable state, the production that Guangzhou city pledges inspect bureau already ordered all rejected product machines company within a definite time to rectify and reform, till check eligible; Of problem of serious to existing quality, this bureau will adopt put on record to investigate, stop production is rectified, the measure such as public exposure, to relevant production treatment company undertakes earnest processing. Be over
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