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Our country begins to carry out meal trade provision to all alone card runs a sy
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Short news

Our country begins to carry out meal trade provision to all alone card runs a system

Ministry of Public Health was promulgated today " card of all alone of meal trade provision administers a regulation " , operator of requirement meal estate is purchasing produce of edible oil and food raw material, edible (27.77, 1.42, when 5.39%) , additive agent for food, answer to produce management unit or market to purchase according to all ready food to card, this regulation begins to carry out since today.

First China patent week is about to begin

Bureau of national intellectual property releases an information today, first patent week of our country will be in on November 16 20 many cities of countrywide pull open heavy curtain at the same time. Current and patent week will adopt the many platform such as the spot, network, offer patent freely to reveal for of all kinds and patent inventor and orgnaization, negotiate wait for a service.

Harbin first room temperature of long-range monitoring dweller

Offer thermal efficiency to rise, achieve energy-saving goal, business of city share heating applies Heilongjiang Harbin first this year new technology, room temperature of long-range monitoring dweller. Avoid every resident changes in temperature thereby not all.

Project of lash-up of the root of fangfeng of railroad of Xinjiang Na Jiang is finishing can defy strong wind of 12 class above

Spring of pearl of Na Jiang railroad comes Xinjiang Gong Shanqu paragraph lash-up project blocks wind wall to build the whole line is complete a few days ago. Line of center of railroad of distance of windbreak lash-up project 3 meters, full-length 8.2 kilometers, all fronts fights wind energy force on average to achieve 12 class above.

U.N. Environment Programme issues the 4th edition in Beijing " global environment is looked into " report

Total bureau of national environmental protection and combination of U.N. Environment Programme issue the 4th edition in Beijing today " global environment is looked into " report, this report basically is to be each country government to make environmental protection policy provide corresponding basis. Report by the whole world 390 famous environment experts are drafted jointly.