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Had caught 3 taste an examination to advance special punish
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On August 23, the State Council holds countrywide product quality and food safety conference of videophone of special repair work, put forward to begin by a definite date inside countrywide limits the product quality of 4 months and food safety are special punish, the key makes fine agriculture products, treatment product of consumption of food, current domain food, meal, medicines and chemical reagents, pork, imports and exports and involve person health 8 respects such as safe product are special punish. On August 30, the Ministry of Agriculture holds safety of countrywide produce quality in Beijing conference of special punish video, offer produce quality security special punish should make clear 4 targets, stress 3 focal points, take 6 large actions. 4 targets include to achieve the whole nation big in 100 % get urban terminal market monitoring; All sorts of produce production, breed base to use violate a ban problem of farming animal drug is solved basically; Remain of pesticide animal drug exceeds mark rate and check to go out rate is farther drop; The production that stops 5 kinds of tall poisonous agriculture chemical such as armour amine phosphor, sale and use. 3 keys, it is to breed, cultivate link to use ban be restricted to use agriculture chemical; 2 it is key investment tastes an examination; 3 it is key product examination, process of cognizance condition of the aptitude that includes attestation produce, producing area, production and situation of product quality safety. 6 big moves include safety of quality of action of punish of tall poisonous agriculture chemical, animal produce safety of quality of product of action of punish of drug of action of punish of safety of quality of punish action, aquatic product, animal and hog production, attestation punish acts and produce terminal market.

Visible, produce attestation job and quality install complete be closely bound up. Accordingly, we are necessary to be opposite " 3 article " the job is done comb, realise adequately " 3 article " the relation of attestation and consumption, with the relation of produce quality safety, form the situation that attestation, production, consumption promotes each other thereby, from go up at all building produce quality to install collectivity is.

Belong to safe produce category without green food and produce of social effects of pollution, organic produce. Produce wants a coronal to must have in order to do not have green food and produce of social effects of pollution, organic produce the following 4 conditions: It is producing area environment accords with specific technology standard via monitoring; 2 it is investment is tasted use and produce a process to accord with specific technology standard; 3 it is to produce character to measure safe level to accord with specific standard via detecting; 4 it is the product passes corresponding orgnaization attestation and allow uses specific symbol. Drive " 3 article " good rapid development, below the overall frame that wants to work in produce quality safety namely, hold to " it is dominant, organic food to be complement for food of foundation, green without produce of social effects of pollution " development policy, continue to carry out " the government is driven, the market is pulled move " development mechanism.
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