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The food safety of Suzhou lets person pretty be at ease
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Does our food install report from our correspondent after all insecure? A few days ago, office of commission of safety of Suzhou city food combines aricultural bureau, qualitative inspect bureau, health bureau, industrial and commercial bureau, release an our city to monitor a situation into the food safety since summer jointly.

Sample detect the result shows, the food safety condition of Suzhou is overall better, total percent of pass achieves 94.9%% . Feed how appoint announced a batch to be reached by the product with unqualified check at the same time business of its production, sale.

According to statistic, today the crucial period of time of summerly food safety, suzhou city superintends link each food of snack of goods of oily to edible, flesh and fleshy products, cooked food bittern, deepfry, breast and dairy produce, vegetable, wine kind the food of ten sort such as beverage, cold drink, moon cake undertakes sampling detecting, add up to 332 batch, eligible 315 batch, total percent of pass is 94.9%% . Rejected product is main the reason is label coliform of dish of bittern of non-standard, cooked food group exceed mark and dosage of partial additive agent for food to exceed bid.

Among them, qualitative inspect branch selectived examination in all liquor 5 batches (all qualification) , fleshy products 17 batches (1 batch unqualified) , dairy produce 4 batches (all qualification) , edible plant is oily 12 batches (all qualification) , aquatic product 1 batch (all qualification) , moon cake 83 batches (6 batches unqualified) . Via detecting, the sense organ of the product of these sampling observation, manage is changed, the percent of pass of quality safety index such as sanitation is 100%% , the unqualified project that has 7 batches of rejected product among them is label non-standard.

Door of Ministry of Public Health in all sampling observation is refrigerant drink, vegetable goods of bittern of cooked food of fruit, bulk, flesh and fleshy products and deepfry and snack food 6 kinds of big sample of 56 batch. Eligible sample 52 batch, 92.9%% of total percent of pass. The main problem of existence is the snack coliform that a few collective have dinner matchs to send an unit production group exceed bid, because the time of food store, carriage link and temperature control are lax,the reason is reach tableware container to get pollution is caused 2 times. Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has food sampling observation in all 76 batch, eligible 70 batch, unqualified 6 batch, sampling observation percent of pass is 92.1%% .

Feed how appoint the staff member expresses to the reporter, they will continue to combine aricultural, qualitative inspect, wholesome, industrial and commercial the food that waits for a branch to be common people closes good entrance, offer seasonable, reliable food consumption to remind for the citizen at the same time, make a health, safe market environment.

(the detail lands Jiangsu to save Suzhou food medicines and chemical reagents to supervise Www.szfda.gov.cn of management board website please)
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