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How to avoid pigment to be in candied / jelly fades mediumly problem
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Company of case 1 A produces candy, use lemon is yellow, sunset is yellow wait for breed very good, discover candy fades when useful grape is violet only

Company of case 2 B produces jelly, use 60% content pigment, the product is placed some longer, happen fade

Company of case 3 C produces jelly, use 85% content pigment, fade the phenomenon still cannot be solved completely

Case 1 solution

The grape violet pigment that buys on common market, many it is to use indigotic He Mou to plant gules element is allocated and become, indigotic its are able to bear or endure smooth, thermal stability is very poor, fade so very fast.

Proposal client is used bright blue with three-colored amaranth red oneself make up a grape violet, fade attainable appropriate solves the problem.

The pigment stability of different breed is different, overall will tell, lemon is yellow, sunset is yellow, temptation is red, three-colored amaranth is red, bright blue stability is good, rouge is red encounter heat to fade easily, can use colour and lustre to be close to, the temptation with first-rate stability is red replace. Bare moss red stability is bad, encounter acid to return meeting precipitation, this characteristic can use chromatic cherry can, chromatic good cherry is put into acerbity solution, red precipitation of moss letting bare comes down, the cherry that has machined so is put into water, red won't be oozy string together color.

Case 2 solutions

Pigment besides bases of dye the others it is salt, many impurity are contained in salt, these impurity can quicken pigment to receive the process that smooth hot soda acid fades. 60% content pigment is meant contain the salt of about 40% , saline content is higher, foreign matter is more, stability is poorer.

The proposal is changed with 85% pigment, choose the pigment of high grade brand especially, while its salt content is little, extract rate of salt is high also, foreign matter is fewer, stability is better.

Case 3 solutions

If had chosen pigment of high grade brand, especially Euramerican entrance 85% pigment, if still discover stability is not ideal, can conclude be is manufacturing technology issue, especially advertent water treatment is done whether thoroughly.

Ion is contained in water, these ion also can quicken pigment to fade process. Colophony of proposal client use yin and yang goes ionic equipment, the ionic and complete purify of pigment stability will be affected in water.
The option that removes one condition is to be like,be added EDTA kind chela mixture, turn these ion into macromolecule, do not go destroying pigment, but those who need a consideration is its security and code problem. Use in jelly additionally, if still be contained in the recipe,rise whitened the titanium dioxide with cover action, chela mixture also is met will gather between titanium dioxide grain, generation precipitates.
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