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Good additive agent for food- - dextrose acerbity salt
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The dextrose acerbity natrium in dextrose acerbity salt and dextrose acerbity Potassium function of these two kinds of material the new, sex that present ingredient is strong, there are 5 oxyhydrogen radicals in its structure, in Shui Zhongrong solution is spent tall (it is) of 55 % , 75 % respectively, PH is close to neuter, hot stability is strong, without deliquescence sex, it is good additive agent for food. The metabolization after dextrose acerbity salt enters human body is dextrose acid, can promote human body the hyperplasia of bacili of beneficial bacterium double branch, stimulative human body is healthy, accordingly, dextrose acerbity Potassium and dextrose acerbity natrium are healthy additive agent for food. These two kinds of material already were appeared on the market for additive agent for food by Japanese approval sale, application.

Dextrose acerbity natrium and dextrose acerbity Potassium have the admirable Sui that present ingredient. Dextrose acerbity natrium is not had excitant, without agonized flavour, saline flavour is close to salt character, threshold values outclass is other organic acid salt, it is salt (inorganic salt) 5 times, 2 of malic acerbity natrium. 6 times, 16 of lactic acid natrium. 3 times. Dextrose acerbity salt is salt of admirable organic acid natrium, use in food treatment, its show citric acid of flavour sex excel sodium (stimulating with the agonized flavour, sweet taste that does not like) , malic acerbity natrium (stimulating with agonized flavour) , He Hupo of lactic acid natrium, tartaric acid natrium, acetic acid natrium is acerbity sodium, can improve food taste to be mixed character content sex. Dextrose acerbity Potassium does not have exciting flavour, only a few agonized flavour, but 6 what be salt as a result of threshold values. 75 times, for 14 of potassium chloride. 2 times, better than replacing salt with other sylvite.

Dextrose acerbity natrium and dextrose acerbity Potassium are in food treatment use at adjusting PH, improve food to show flavour sex, the low salt that replaces salt to machine health or without salt (without sodium chloride) food, to health of promotional human body, rich people the life has very big effect.

The bases of dextrose acerbity natrium and dextrose acerbity Potassium is dextrose acid, have adjust the function of PH, PH amortize limits is 3-4, because of acidity beautiful, suit the buffer of low PH limits most, the has strong acid taste tartaric acid of limits of excel low PH. Beverage is under PH4, acerbity salt can avoid use dextrose already antiseptic heat the influence that drinks makings material, can arrive in inferior temperature make known to lower levels again antiseptic purpose, save the sources of energy. This shows, dextrose acerbity salt is buffer of admirable food treatment PH.

Dextrose acerbity natrium and dextrose acerbity Potassium are dose of good the improvement that present ingredient, the sex presenting ingredient of itself is admirable, still have mask acrid and stink, improved effect of the sex that present ingredient. Can improve Gao Tian to spend sweet taste agent apparently Tian Dongtian essence, sweet chrysanthemum glucoside, saccharin sweetness flavour is qualitative. Tian Dongtian essence (Gao Tian of low quantity of heat is spent) as acerbity as dextrose natrium is used can make the sweet taste of Tian Dongtian essence qualitative achieve and saccharic and same perfect.
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