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The application with edible correct pigment and differentiate
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The healthy and safe relationship of edible pigment and human body is close, accordingly, no matter be international,go up or our country uses pigment to feeding use have strict regulation.

Before reforming and opening, our country practices strict control to the production of edible pigment, execute the production that decide a dot, should say this is to accord with at that time of economic system. As the development of reforming and opening, the country manages solid quotations field to change to economy, encourage free competition. A lot of people may remember everybody be in business, the thing that does a plant at will. 1999, the country is right edible (synthesis) pigment begins to execute manufacturing licence to make, give 4 edible first (synthesis) pigment production company issued manufacturing license.
After 2002, edible (synthesize) the competition of pigment industry is more intense, appeared a lot of new production manufacturer, foreign product also marchs wantonly Chinese market. Each manufacturer homes are led to enlarge the market to have go out in succession action, cause current edible (synthesis) it is the aptest that pigment market uses word of random ” of a “ to describe.
Current edible (synthesize) the disorder of pigment production and market: Natrium of frequency of Lu of Xia of Fei of  of surname of  of night of Jia of Xiu of  of Gui of correct of Qian of mouth of one of  of Quan of the purple heart that bear Qiu pounds  of  of baric Kun  curb bay exemplaries a Nuo Mou Huan Da of armpit of  of wooden tablets or slips for writing of Can of  of stand upright of discharge of  of daughter-in-law tiny stream fat  Lai
For instance the basis sets, should be in charge of opposite producing the superintendency of the domain by industrial and commercial management department. But actually however what circumstance has. Supervisory bureau of some place technology is checked to the market, some local sanitation supervise a branch to be checked to the market. Execute the law individually the branch returns random examination, chaos to collect fees. Say normally, technical supervisory branch should supervise the product that produces company production to whether accord with the regulation of national level mainly, whether did the product that does not have national level establish industry standard, whether does industry standard supervise a branch to put on record through the technology. Industrial and commercial management department should check manufacturing company and agency to whether have formulary aptitude, include business charter, wholesome licence, production license, the sample that selectives examination the market at the same time refers authority to detect the branch detects. Wholesome supervisory branch should be right the wholesome condition that produces enterprise, management section undertakes checking supervisory, at the same time safe to the sanitation of the product index undertakes supervisory checking. But actual condition is however, have some management department of some of area, do not have those who accomplish this canal to must be in charge of, ought not to be in charge of cannot be in charge of. Edible pigment industry should get a country the tie of 5 law laws and regulations, namely " Food Sanitation Law " , " standardize a way " , " measurement Law " , " product quality standard " , " measure of government of additive agent for food " . As execute the law administrator, especially of basic level execute the law personnel, should learn above law seriously.
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