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Perspective of application of technology of food industry biology is wide
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In industry of our country food, product of biology technology industrialization has certain proportion, had good germinant. But, compare with photograph of the developed country on the world, difference is very big still, the main problem performance that exists at present is in the following respects, be worth to take seriously and be solved hard.

Before security suffers attention to look fully, the biggest question that edible security already became technology of block up biology to apply in food industry. Japan came on stage in April 1991 " gene recombines security of additive agent for food to appraise hand " , this finger points out clearly, always connect technical reformation of overweight group DNA microbial, factor of all sorts of biology of etc of enzymatic, polypeptide that its produce, must evaluate ability to appear on the market through security. Subsequently, because Euramerican each country already had the crop that reforms via recombining DNA technology in great quantities,appear on the international market, this finger turned spermatophyte 1996 again the edible security after gene brings into evaluation limits. Although so far only edible turns gene corn has appeared the report of protein allergy, but the existence of the sequential sex that conveys as a result of gene and regulating system of immunity of human body itself, make people right turn the security of gene food still cannot be at ease completely, more what is more,the rather that, because lack the meticulous analysis method of pair of protein space structures, essential cannot the protein that appraisal gene variant conveys and the consistency with protein target, accordingly, turn the security problem of gene food can perplex people in longer period. In June 2001, our country is promulgated formally carry out " safety of project of agricultural crop gene runs executive way " , this method manages to the research of gene technology food, development, security that use made strict provision. Current, through safety of project of biology of Ministry of Agriculture committee is approved, can commercialize turn gene crop has 6 only, involve provision have 3, include two kinds of tomato and a kind of pimiento. But, as a result of so far our country has not publish abroad to turn the relevant security that gene food imports restricts code, of the abroad on the market turn gene food will be increasing, turn gene food and people are healthy relation also will closer and closer.

Biology technology level range of not tall, application is narrower at present, the biology technology application in food industry is main in order to ferment the project is given priority to, and gene project and enzymatic project have not get applied extensively, and the application of biology technology basically also is centered fermenting in food industry, and the research that waits for new-style food in nutrient food, green food, organic food and health food and development respect did not receive sufficient application. The problem that field of biology technology level exists basically centers in: Food ferments weakness of technical basic research, technology lags behind; Rate of birth of microbial preparation industrialization is inferior; Gene engineering product studies development strength is insufficient.
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