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Pu Lulan polysaccharide uses as food tone is improved agent and thickener
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Aqueous solution of Pu Lulan polysaccharide has smooth, relaxed feeling, have the effect that improves mouthfeel, because this can use as,improved agent mixes food quality thickener. A few Pu Lulan polysaccharide are added to be able to improve food quality significantly in food treatment process. If piscine cake can add flavour to carry,pledge; The fragrance that a few Pu Lulan polysaccharide add to be able to maintain soja when making bean curd simplifies craft; Soy. A few accretion such as shrimp of fish of dressing, pickles, candy, delicate food Pu Lulan polysaccharide can stabilize his stickiness, increase its ropy feeling makes its mouthfeel more suitable slippery.