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Candy introduction reachs Pululanduo to last in produce medium application
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Summary: Introduced the manufacturing bacterium of Pu Lulan candy to plant, ferment the influencing factor of craft, the property of Pu Lulan candy and last in produce in recent years the circumstance of the respect such as medium application.


Pu Lulan polysaccharide (Pullulan) Chinese Yi Yi is Zhuo mildew polysaccharide, sprout candy of short stalk Bao, general gets together polysaccharide or Pu Lulan candy. It is the polysaccharide outside the afterbirth that gives generation of gemma stalk mildew, with α-1, maltose of union of key of 6- candy glucoside is formed with model polysaccharide is given priority to, namely dextrose presses α-1, synthesis of knot of key of 4- candy glucoside is malt 3 candy, two end again with α-1, key of 6- candy glucoside is the same as another malt 3 candy are united in wedlock, join repeatedly so and become high polymer polysaccharide. α-1, key of 4- candy glucoside is the same as α-1, the scale that 6- candy glucoside bolts is 2: 1, degree of polymerization (D.P) for 100 - 5000. The element measures 4.8X104 - 2.2X106 (candy of commodity general Lu Lan is average the element measures 2X105, about by 480 malt 3 candy are comprised) .

The research work of Pu Lulan polysaccharide is initial Yu Xide, the Englishman also did many works in academic side. Japan undertook the system produces the research of craft and product application especially comparative, obtain a large number of patent. Pu Lulan polysaccharide but by amylaceous hydrolyze content, sucrose or other saccharide ferment directly production. Yi Rong at water, viscosity is inferior, not gelation, not ageing, can machine arbitrarily shape, avirulent side-effect, be a kind what have an outlook very much is industrial polysaccharide. About Pululanduo the report of candy already had a lot of, the article will introduce Pu Lulan polysaccharide to produce bacterium to plant, ferment craft influencing factor, property of Pu Lulan polysaccharide and it lasts in produce the respect circumstance such as medium application.

1, Pu Lulan polysaccharide produces bacterium to plant

Pu Lulan polysaccharide is by sprout short stalk mildew (Aureobacidium Pullulans) the polysaccharide outside excretive afterbirth. It is to sprout short stalk mildew grows in fostering fluid, the polysaccharide outside the cell that metabolization produces. Candy of the one part in fostering fluid is used at growing to breed as nutrient source, be generated by the complex enzymatic department action inside afterbirth for the most part Pu Lulan polysaccharide. After candy is spent, pu Lulan polysaccharide is decomposed, maintain cellular growth. Because of Pululanduo candy has extensive use, worker of our country scientific research also produced bacterium individual plant to undertake developing study to Pu Lulan polysaccharide in recent years. N of Tan Jialin mutation individual plant to As3.2765 28 undertake fermenting the condition is reached medium-sized enlarge an experiment. Gu Caisai and Dulisheng also part to loosen from Guangxi Guilin horsetail needle leaf and the short stalk of the depart in seawater to the polysaccharide outside producing afterbirth mildew. Na Shumin cuts the A of bacterium individual plant that the depart on bug chrysalis went to bee to produce the polysaccharide outside colorless afterbirth from Canada 22, its classify a system according to Hermanides-Nijhof, with sprout Pu Lulan of short stalk mildew is varietal (Aureobasidum Pullulans Am.Var.pullulans) similar, the depart on the ground pomegranate lamina that grows Zhao Zhiwei from Kunming west hill arrives one individual plant is feral model sprout Ft1 of short stalk mildew, from bioplasm of Ft1 classics setting out body second birth gains stability of character of one individual plant, the R of mutation bacterium individual plant that has particular industry value 45.
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