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Written guarantee cold glue applies mediumly in beverage
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Knot cold glue (Gellan Gum) it is the food that 80 time afterwards of American Kelco company develop after Huang Yuan glue one of microbial polysaccharide, its are certain and characteristic glue of excel Huang Yuan, the country such as American FDA and Europe approves the application of finish cold glue in food. China also approved finish cold glue to regard additive agent for food as the application in food 1996. Because written guarantee cold glue can be below extremely low dosage,produce gel, can achieve agaragar on the use quantity of 0.25% the use quantity of 1.5% and card pull glue the gel intensity of the use quantity of 1% , now oneself is progressively the application that replaces agaragar and card to pull glue to go up in industry. At present agaragar and card pull glue to be 50000-80000 about in the world dosage in food industry ton, china makes an appointment with 15000-25000 ton. If the 20% cold glue that use a form replace agaragar and card to pull glue, criterion whole world dosage is 10000 tons about. At present the United States sells knot cold glue of Japan to make an appointment with 2000 tons every year. Forecast China in recent years demand can achieve 2000 tons of above. Outside having the plant that produces per year 5000 tons except American Kelco company at present, our country Heibei, Zhejiang also has manufacturing knot cold glue twice now. Because written guarantee the uniqueness of cold glue pledges, in food industry applied foreground is valued.

1. Structure:

Knot cold glue (Gellan Gum) it is a kind of case from earning of the depart on water lily bacili of single born of the same parents of Yi Lezao holiday of — of bacterium of negative of orchid family name (after Pseudomonas Elodea) undertakes to carbohydrate blooded education ferments, classics extraction is purificatory and gotten polysaccharide is colloid, close to white powder, it is a kind of new-style completely transparent gel agent.

Knot cold glue has form of two kinds of existence: Extensive becomes warped character melt bad? is another kind low of acyl radical. The repetition of knot cold glue is unit comprise by unit of 4 kinds of candy, ordinal for candy of buckthorn of dextrose of aldehydic acid of β(1-3)-D- dextrose, β(1-4)-D- dextrose, β(1-4)-D- , α(1-4)-L- , accordingly, knot cold glue has double helix structure. Natural model knot cold glue and low acyl base model the main distinction of knot cold glue is: Melt suddenly is taken secretly carry crucian carp to thoroughfare the  that blow ピ lifts carp louse of arrogant  Xing Huan; On  ?beta;(1-3)-D- dextrose, this acyl base have two kinds, it is acetyl radical, another it is glycerine radical, double the average scale of glycerine radical is acetyl radical. Acetyl radical is received go up in atom of the 6th carbon, and glycerine radical is received go up in atom of the 2nd carbon. To low acyl base model, the acyl on its element base part or be taken off to divide entirely, common indicating knot cold glue is to point to the knot cold glue that divides acetyl radical.
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