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Button is sweet- - a kind of new-style Gao Beitian flavour agent and gust intens
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Button is sweet it is the United States the crystallization of 20 old research gain of button spy firm, be agent of new generation sweet taste is indicative, on July 9, 2002, management board of American food medicine (FDA) the security that affirmed button is sweet and functional sex, agent of sweet taste of approval Niu Tianwei and gust intensifier are general in all sorts of food and beverage. In October 2003, button of approval of Chinese Ministry of Public Health is sweet regard sweet taste as the agent general in all sorts of food and beverage, use quantity needs according to production and decide. Button is sweet can use alone already, OK also with other nutrition model mix with agent of blame nutrition sweet taste use. Button is sweet be in as sweet taste agent carry a product below the premise of admirable gust, can reduce those who replace cane sugar to add a capacity, reduce product quantity of heat. Button is sweet have gust to enhance character, can reduce the use amount of the essence in the product and acid effectively.

Button is sweet characteristic

Be equivalent to sucrose 8, 000 times sweet degree, be equivalent to A Si Batian 40 times

Sweet spend the pure sweet taste, distinctive local color like sucrose to enhance character

The use amount that reduces citric acid, without quantity of heat, without carbohydrate

FDA approval is -“Use ” generally, apply to all crowds, need not indicate “ contains acid of benzene third ammonia”

Button is sweet sweet spending is sucrose 7000 - 13000 times, actual sweet of the sweet taste intensity that spends requirement of diploid basis place and specific application differ and change.

Button is sweet have pure sweet taste, be in common in the beverage that perhaps does not have candy, with button sweet replace agent of partial sweet taste to use, can get not only appropriate sweet the product that spends zephyr flavour, button is sweet have the character that reduces product cost more. Study the result makes clear, in beverage product, button is sweet the agent of nutrient sweet taste that can replace 20 % or agent of Gao Beitian flavour, need not adjust product recipe, can maintain the organoleptic attribute of close.

Button is sweet fall in powder condition, admirable stability is had in pulverous state finished product. Below humidity condition, the stability with sweet button and PH value, temperature and time are concerned. Button is sweet apply to group by group when production, high temperature is short (HTST) antiseptic with aseptic manipulation process, get eventually the chroma with the sweet button in the product has a change hardly.

In specific application and gust system, button is sweet can lengthen significantly, the mouthfeel that enhances a product and fragrance. Button is sweet in using a process actually, because its amend the character with certain gust, the content of system of essence of requirement product readjust and acidity agent or sort. In pulverous beverage, add button sweet the citric acid dosage that can reduce at least 20 % , and the acidity that won't affect a product.
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