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Nutriment applies mediumly in area products
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As people living standard rise increasingly, the focus that people pays close attention to already from solve dress warmly and ear one's fill to transfer healthy nutrition, in food industry of more and more careful treatment today, nutrition went to very big effect since aggrandizement agent. Countrywide nutrition and healthy findings make clear, there is the nutrient issue that cannot ignore in our country dweller, the micronutrient lacks widespread in our country urban and rural dweller presence, especially A of calcic, iron, zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin particularly serious. The number one big country that China is world wheat production and consumption, be in China to carry out flour aggrandizement to improve public nutrition condition is necessary and feasible.


Nutriment applies mediumly in flour


The technology of nutrient aggrandizement flour goes easily simply, basically be nutriment reasonably, in adding flour equably, have commonly the following two kinds of means:


One kind is to pass minim to add equipment, will beforehand the micronutrient inside compound joins the helix conveyer in milling process inside, mix what make with the flour inside machine, the whirl that uses helix conveyer and thrust make accretion mixes adequately with flour even. This kind adds means installation cost little, but defect is to need to time monitoring detects add a capacity.


Another kind is to apply technology matching pink and equipment to add. Its produce a course is to store the flour of the storehouse enters metric balance, say heavy evacuation enters blender. Meanwhile, nutriment is added through minim implement via minim metric balance also sends blender along with all the others inside. After this, blender runs by the program of set, mixture agitate makes nutriment mixes adequately with flour even. The nutrient aggrandizement flour that has mixed enters storehouse of finished product pink or packer. The advantage of this kind of means is to add a capacity accurate, nutriment distributings in flour uniformity is tall, but installation cost cost of much, production is relative bigger.


When flour undertakes nutrient aggrandizement, the stability of the vitamin is main problem. As a whole the vitamin in flour is stabler, through detecting the micronutrient in flour is informed, store up below room temperature 6 months, the loss amount such as A of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin is in 1% ~ 5% , because this is when nutrient aggrandizement,should estimate the loss computation add only go in to be able to control dosage effectively.


Nutriment applies mediumly in area products


Steamed bread, noodle is our country northward people's most serious staple food, its can undertake aggrandizement through nutrient flour directly, also can add in the process that the product machines. A point that nutrient aggrandizement agent uses cannot affect the mouthfeel of product itself, character namely, when accordingly noodle steamed bread is undertaking nutrient aggrandizement, want to consider the nutriment impact to the product. The experiment proves, nutriment is being used inside national level limits is the mouthfeel that won't affect product itself.
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