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Our country permits use additive agent for food
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Additive agent for food is to point to “ to improve food quality and color, sweet, flavor, and for anticorrosive the chemistry that need and adds provision of craft with treatment compounds natural perhaps matter. ”(" Food Sanitation Law " fiftieth 4) the material that makes through chemical method element or earning of reaction of compound happening chemical combination arrive makes add up to additive artificially; Using the great majority in using establish or microbial metabolization material is not main provision raw material this civilian due content punish, be in however production, keep in storage, pack, use the material that in waiting for a process, adds of purpose to achieve some goal. They must not affect food nutrition value in the product, have enhance the character of food sense organ, storage life that prolongs food or the function that improve food quality. If measure effective anticorrosive metamorphism; Antioxidant is joined in grease, in order to prevent grease oxidation metamorphism; Need to satisfy food to machine craft, improve food quality and add the anti-foaming agent, agent that fight a form; Join agent of colorant, sweet taste, flavor, loosener to enhance sex of sense organ of food quality, sweet, flavour to wait; In the craft of serial production bean curd, use dextrose is acerbity - the ester inside δ- makes coagulating agent. Agent of food nutrition aggrandizement is in pointing to “ to add provision to add nutrient component natural or the additive agent for food that artificial complex belongs to natural nutriment limits. ”(" Food Sanitation Law " fiftieth 4) the nutriment that aggrandizement needs in food is a basis calendar year will be opposite our country crowd is prandial in confirming a crowd with nutrient state investigation of general supply deficiency, or cause regional shortage as a result of element of ground level environment, or the nutriment that contented surroundings and the special crowd that physiology state changes estimate special need to certain nutriment supply. If occupy prandial 1992 investigate with nutrient state, a of calcium of our country crowd, vitamin and riboflavin absorb inadequacy, use modern science and technology to be in certain food aggrandizement afore-mentioned nutriment, in order to complement prandial in supply deficiency, improve nutrient condition of the countryman thereby. If old people osteoporosis is,be short of calcium to cause again, 3 years old of the following children and pregnant woman are the tall hair crowd of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron, can satisfy afore-mentioned crowds fill in calcium of the aggrandizement in food, iron the need of calcic, filling iron. Because the use of additive agent for food is helpful for developing food resource, be helpful for food the treatment, appeal that enhances food nutrition component and consumer, additive agent for food is saved in food treatment a kind of indispensable material already was made in the process. Current, our country includes GB2760-1996 " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " breed already was amounted to 1150 a variety of, still increase year after year. Our country is cent of additive agent for food 21 kinds, press English letter order sort is ordinal for: Agent of inorganic agent of the agent of foundation of candy of loose agent of the acidity conditioning agent, agent that fight a form, anti-foaming agent, antioxidant, bleacher, Peng, glue Mu, colorant, agent that protect quality, emulsifying agent, enzymatic preparation, agent that add flavor, flour, velamen, moisture maintains dose of aggrandizement of agent, nutrition, . Because flavor is phyletic various, of short duration did not include, and list with standard appendix the food that allows to use at present uses spice 574 kinds, the flavor that allows to use temporarily 163 kinds. In the meantime, standard clew appendix also lists the rubber in candy of Mu giving gum base material and its burden 59 kinds, food is industrial processing aid recommends list 106 kinds. Afore-mentioned additive agent for food basically already got used to our country modernization food is manufacturing mechanization, successive change the need with automation. But, what must notice is the natural component that additive agent for food is not food after all, among them great majority is chemical synthetic, absorb for a long time in great quantities can present noxiousness action, be in only allow set limit to in reasonable the health that makes ability assures customer. Current, domestic and international additive agent for food total trend is to natural model, nutrition develop with the much kinetic energy way that reachs safe, efficient, economy, move, plant and microbial zymotechnics are the main source that draws natural additive agent for food. Bigger to a few noxiousness provision relatively add an agent to will give stage by stage fall into disuse, if show alive bound each country to all change the natural sweet taste of efficient safety to the research of the agent and development, the use quantity of the sweet taste agent such as saccharin decreases quickly. Although the colour and lustre of natural pigment is insufficient ideal, cost is high, but because its are safer, have the tendency that replaces secondary colour element, if wait from leaf of laver, algal, vegetable, hawkthorn,all sorts of natural pigment are extracted in raw material. Perspective of natural flavor development is very wide also, wait like flavor of carnivorous flavour, choice seafood. According to " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " , our country additive agent for food is 21 kinds with its function cent, still list at the same time allow to use, the flavor that allows to use temporarily and commendatory food are industrial processing aid. Press pair of additive and kind of processing aid cent to narrate as follows now:
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