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Candy of Gan Ju of demon taro Pu serves as food and beverage additive
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China and Japan help advance somebody's career since ancient times and edible demon taro. Chinese Ministry of Public Health is sent at defending inspect on Feburary 16, 1998 [1998] the 9th file includes the food that runs as common provision formally list of new natural resources demon taro. Outside the specimen serving as except arboretum in Euramerican country, both neither helps advance somebody's career, also not edible. Till 20 centuries 90 time just admit pleasant of demon taro Pu to take the pink of essence of taro of semifinished product demon of candy to serve as additive, announce by the government. The United States is 1997 by American food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) approval serves as additive agent for food, publish at standard of American additive agent for food (FCC) the 4th edition, the criterion that revises manage to change index to compare our country is a lot of more comfortable. The European Union is to be in the government is official on November 4, 1998 bulletin, number L295127, e-425, approval / register in be being used at food. Because candy of Gan Ju of demon taro Pu has a lot of good character, the use that regards food, beverage as additive is extremely extensive.  

(one) ham bowel, luncheon meat, chicken is like in fleshy products add in bolus, fish bolus, felt arrives since, mix tastily the action that increases volume.

(2) in if dairy produce is suckled, ferment the yoghurt, yoghurt that tick off add, condensed milk, shake shake stabilizing agent effect has in the product such as grandma, AD calcium grandma, straight acerbity curd yoghurt. Especially of straight acerbity curd yoghurt make, break through albumen beverage thoroughly cannot the forbidden zone of direct acidification, and enter industrialized production, still extend the expiration period, bottled below room temperature can save 3 months, pull coal tub easily to install 12 months to be not condensed, not not clear, statified. Add a quantity to make an appointment with 0.30-0.35% . Acidity control is in ≤0.35% criterion mouthfeel is optimal. Use method is demon taro glue powder is mixed of 10 times weight saccharic mix even, in water lukewarm not prep above adds the pot that turn sugar slowly below the mix condition of 40 ℃ inside, warm up to 80 ℃ when, milk powder, candy, quality can be added after waiting for its Quan Rong improved agent and flavor enhancement. Warm up to boiling, drop in temperature, filter, high pressure all pledges.

(3) special type bean curd, beans is like in bean products beans of juice of vegetables of grandma of beans of flavour of grandma of flower, beans, fruit, fruit suckles the admirable effect that stabilizing agent has in waiting to prolong storage life, pull coal tub easily to hold 12 months inside not oily analyse, do not condense, do not float, do not precipitate. Dosage is 0.15-0.25% about. Craft is optimal PH is worth 6.8-7.0, its mouthfeel is optimal, fabaceous fragrance is more outstanding. Use method and (2) the law is the same as, must notice protein must have stabilizing agent of demon taro glue to participate in in be heated process. When packing must sufficient bleed, take strict precautions against brown to change.  
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