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Pu Lulan polysaccharide reachs its utility
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The overview of Pu Lulan polysaccharide


Polysaccharide of general Lu Lan is by sprout short stalk mildew ferments similar Pu of production gets together the water-solubility microbial polysaccharide of candy, yellow former glue. This polysaccharide by α-1, connective of key of 4- candy glucoside is malt 3 candy repeat unit classics α-1, key of 6- candy glucoside is aggregate and polysaccharide of become straight chain certificate, molecular quantity is commonly between 4.8×104 ~ 2.2×106 (commodity Pu Lulan candy is average the element measures 2×105, about by 480 malt 3 candy are comprised) .


The utility of Pu Lulan polysaccharide:


Pu Lulan polysaccharide is a kind of water-solubility viscid polysaccharide, finished product is solid body of white grain state. Because its are had,become film goodly, enrage into fiber, block, stick receive, the character such as easy treatment, avirulent sex, apply extensively already at the domain such as medicine, food, light industrial, chemical industry and oil. Pu Lulan polysaccharide basically uses a field:
(1) the inserts of medical industry, cosmetic and felt binder.
(2) the improved agent of food quality and thickener.
(3) the packing material of the water-solubility that is used at preventing combustion.
(4) the raw material of food of low heat energy of staple food, cake.
(5) the drive fat dose of 3 oil extraction of oil industry.


Pu Lulan polysaccharide is by sprout short stalk mildew ferments manufacturing water-solubility is microbial polysaccharide, according to different manufacturing technology, its utility still can differentiate as follows:
(1) education fluid serves as acridine to reach its to process a product except content of bacterium decolour, desalination.
(2) education fluid regards food industry foundation as raw material except content of bacterium, decolour.
(3) education former fluid or condensate are agglutinate agent, divide powder.