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Bake uses the option of additive agent for food
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Biscuit, can saying is the most important role in bake industry, biscuit character reforms the agent also becomes bake of course to use the large family in additive agent for food. Oxidizer is in strong anything resembling a tendon or vein, whitened with the action that increases the respect Dou Youming such as bulk to show, become biscuit tone is improved now the mainstream of the agent. Among them bromic acid Potassium because dosage is little, the effect is apparent and get the favour of broad user. But on the other hand, if baker is right the flour that oneself use is not familiar, with respect to the oxidant in forming flour very easily and improved agent medium oxidant is added into doughy case at the same time, and the character that includes on beyond the mark oxidation can bring a lot of negative effects. As a result of security problem, bromic acid Potassium already was banned to use in Euramerican each country, and the position that at present other oxidant still cannot replace bromic acid Potassium completely.

Cake also is general one of welcome bake food. Our country is at the beginning of 80 time it is OK to already was developed dismiss quickly of cake oar cream form is complex emulsifying agent product- - fast hair cake is oily, or call SP, vesicant to wait. This kind of product is much with oily ester of odd tristearin acerbity juice (ester of abbreviation weak of one's own accord) for main raw material, deserve to be mixed with other emulsifying agent filler. Ester of weak of one's own accord has much brilliant sex, α crystal is flabbier calm, easy change is stable β crystal, but only α crystal ability has good dismiss quickly ability. When α crystal change is β crystal, we can discover in cake oil the surface appears white spot, become even piece whiten. White spot appears morer faster, with respect to the specification this kind of change undertakes more quickly. Because oily product of a lot of cake raises the content of ester of weak of one's own accord to achieve the result that dismisses quickly blindly and oversight the balance of the recipe, at this moment the efficiency of cake oil can sell at a discount greatly. On the other hand, the adaptability of cake oil also must be considered. Of cake oar dismiss the effect that suffers a lot of objective elements, the result that the possible left and right sides such as the stand or fall of recipe of the discretion of the actor bad of quality of the accident of goof, raw material, temperature, cake dismisses. Good cake oil is not all-purpose, but the suiting that it should have recipe of quality of pair of better different goof, raw material, temperature, cake ability, in order to assure baker a few small operation error, if agitate hits time to grow too, or agitate makes program mistake, unapt influence arrives the character of cake.

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