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Low get together the candy application in functional sex food
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As the development of modern economy and industry, because nutrition is superfluous,mix malnourished and a variety of civilization of generation are ill, if head of fat disease, heart is hemal disease, diabetic, tumour, begin to browbeating severely human health. Moreover, the pollution of the addition of the disease of adult of children of aged, teenager of population, environment, also constituted menace and pressure to the mankind, the increasingly serious society problem that becomes place of world each country to be faced with. Because this is had,adjust human body health, avoid disease and the functional sex food of stimulative rehabilitation more and more get the widespread attention of consumer.


Go up century end, an our country strategy target that former light the Ministry of Works in feudal China labels development function food food industry science and technology to develop will catch, and point out the food of new century besides requirement safety, sanitation, feed brought harm to overcome lopsided excessive to photograph, food of the consumer demand low quantity of heat that has consciousness of self-conscious health care, low adipose, low cholesterol, low salt, and the function of long-term curative effect that chooses food will be new trend, active to the physiology of minim of a few future part takes seriously more. Food of our country function is having wide development perspective and market potential, 21 centuries will be the century of distinguish oneself of functional sex food. According to forecasting, prospective whole world still has the retail market capacity of 42 billion dollar.


Since 21 centuries, as the progress of the development of life science and food processing technique, carry the thorough research of pair of traditional health food and development, people discovers a lot of special nutriment in food and vitamin, mineral, microelement is same, function of force of immunity of exchange solution human body, delay anile, improvement disease of physiology function, precaution has special effect with stimulative rehabilitation. Analyse of credit of the chemistry of composition, poisonous to these effect a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, function makes clear, already got accepted effect composition basically has 8 kinds now, namely functional sex carbohydrate (be like: Polysaccharide, low get together candy and prandial fiber) , amino acid, peptide and protein, vitamin and kind unripe bacterium of composition of active of vitamin, mineral, plant, beneficial and alga.


The health food that process of stability of accurate, function, metabolization makes clear clear to afore-mentioned functional factor structures, content calls functional sex health food. Health food has functional sex not only sanitarian action, and still have the disease of specific aim prevent a function. Especially among them function sex is low get together candy, of day of beneficial development as modern science and technology and consciousness of people health care increase, more and more get the favour of consumer, applied limits also more and more come extensive. Functional sex is low get together the line of the products of candy is very much, compare in home market application at present extensive basically is low get together different maltose and low get together fructose. Functional sex is low get together candy already appeared in a lot of markets such as Euramerican, Japan, apply in functional sex food widely. Functional sex is low get together candy makes main functional sex provision base makings, investigate its reason basically is its have distinctive physiology function: Decompose because of be not being had inside path of human body bowel digest low get together the enzymatic system of candy, cannot be digested to absorb by human body so, enter bowel directly however Shuang Qi of beneficial bacterium ——— is inside the path bacillus place is used, bacili of the Shuang Qi inside proliferous human body, adjust alvine line is small ecological balance.
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