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The property of metamorphic starch and application
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1, metamorphic purpose

As the science and technology, rapid progress that produces a standard, people living standard rises ceaselessly, some property of native starch add up to the requirement of new facility, new technology and new product with notting agree with, need changes its property, assure to achieve good applied result. For example, food machines increasing applying technology of refrigerant, cold storage, but refrigerant meeting produces native starch coagulate water of heavy, analyse, destroy food colloid structure, change through ester, ether is changed or cross-linking is metamorphic, can increase the stability that use blend. Avoid food to machine the defect that appears in the process.

2, metamorphic method

The production method of metamorphic starch by physics, chemical, enzymatic law, chemical method is the mainest, application is the widest.

Chemical denaturation is the reaction of mellow hydroxyl chemistry in using amylaceous element, basically ether is changed, ester is changed, the reaction such as oxidation, cross-linking.

The dehydration dextrose unit that forms starch has 3 mellow hydroxyl, c6 is Bai Chun hydroxyl, c2 and C3 intermediate mellow hydroxyl. Amylaceous element contains numerous hydroxyl, want minority happening chemistry to react only among them, the gelatinization that can change starch is difficult the discretion of easy, viscosity, stability, sex that become film and other property, achieve applied requirement.

Chemical denaturation makes the chemical structure of dextrose unit produces change, this kind of metamorphic starch calls amylaceous ramification again. Response rate is used average the amount that the hydroxyl in unit of every dehydrate dextrose is replaced expresses, call replace degree of English abbreviate DS to express. The important and metamorphic starch of the production on industry is low almost replace spent product, replace degree be in commonly 0.2 the following, namely average unit of every 10 dextrose has 2 to be replaced, response rate is very low.

Replace spending is to show average response rate only, cannot show the different structure of derivative. Dehydration dextrose unit is replaced the different object of a generation, likelihood amount is much, depart and affirmatory structure are difficult, industrial production is used rarely replace degree of control to chemistry reacts or show a product. The character change degree that analytic product is commonly on industry will control response. For example, metamorphic purpose is to rise to fight refrigerant stability burntly, determine refrigerant stability, reaction stops when achieving a requirement.

General component is the craft of chemical denaturation wet, dry method, compound denaturation.

The method of chemical denaturation is very much, here introduces to use one of more extensive methods in food industry only, ester turns metamorphic starch.
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